Commit 90869540 authored by Johan Vervloet's avatar Johan Vervloet

Dependency injection config voor Chiro.CiviCrm.ClientInterfaces weggeghaald.

We vermoeden dat dat niet meer nodig is.
parent 3335f36b
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......@@ -13,9 +13,6 @@
<alias alias="PerServiceHostBase" type="Chiro.Cdf.UnityWcfExtensions.UnityServiceHostBaseLifetimeManager, Chiro.Cdf.UnityWcfExtensions" />
<register type="Chiro.CiviCrm.ClientInterfaces.ICiviCrmClient, Chiro.CiviCrm.ClientInterfaces" mapTo="Chiro.CiviCrm.Client.CiviCrmClient, Chiro.CiviCrm.Client">
<lifetime type="PerOperationContext" />
<register type="Chiro.Gap.Log.IMiniLog, Chiro.Gap.Log" mapTo="Chiro.Gap.Log.MiniLog, Chiro.Gap.Log">
<lifetime type="PerOperationContext" />
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